Dark Ages

The gold bracteates served as a status symbol for sixth-century Scandinavian elites.

Ancient Norse Elites Buried These Gold Pendants as Sacrifices to the Gods

The 1,500-year-old bracteates—found in a field in southeastern Norway—depict animal and human figures

Netflix's The Dig dramatizes the excavation of an elaborate Anglo-Saxon ship burial.

The True History Behind Netflix's 'The Dig' and Sutton Hoo

One of the greatest archaeological finds in British history, the Anglo-Saxon burial changed historians' view of the Dark Ages

The mosaic reflects a decline in craftsmanship but is still intricately made.

Stunning Mosaic Found in England Shows Some Lived in Luxury During 'Dark Ages'

The fifth-century artwork suggests that the British Isles experienced a gradual, not sudden, decline following the Romans' departure

Excavation at Burghead

Dig Uncovers Artifacts From One of "Europe's Lost People"

A archaeological excavation in Burghead Fort has uncovered a longhouse from the Picts, a late Iron Age and early Medieval powerhouse

This double-edged iron sword was found in Denmark’s Tisso Lake.

The Vikings’ Bad Boy Reputation Is Back With a Vengeance

A major new exhibition is reviving the Norse seafarers’ iconic image as rampagers and pillagers

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