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Come and enjoy Taiwan’s unique cuisine, romance, lifestyle, shopping, culture and ecology

Taiwan is a mountainous island formed by the convergent movement of the world’s largest ocean and continental plates, the Pacific and Eurasia Plate. With the Tropic of Cancer running through its center, the island encompasses a wide spectrum of climate zones, ranging from cold to tropical, and features diverse landforms and ecosystems.

Although Taiwan occupies only 0.25% of the earth’s land, it possesses 2.5% of the world’s known natural species, 100 times the world average. An amazing 10% of the world’s marine species, 400 times the world average, can be found here.

Though small, the island is nevertheless home to eight unique national parks. The natural marine and terrestrial environments of this island are truly some of the earth’s rarest treasures. Pengjia, Mianhua and Huaping Islet make up the volcanic Three Northern Islets of northeastern Taiwan. These are actually military zones where seclusion has helped preserve the primitive landscape. An interchange of cold and warm currents has allowed it to become a bountiful fish bank, and the government is planning to develop the area to a national marine park.

With such a magnificent seascape destination awaiting you – don’t hesitate! Make plans to visit Taiwan today!

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Good eating is always on of the main attractions of travel, and in Taiwan you can dine like a king without paying a king’s ransom for it. Here, you can enjoy a huge variety of sweet seasonal fruits, sumptuous Chinese dishes, affordable Japanese cuisine, Taiwanese-style quick stir-fried flaming dishes and health foods, including creative tea drinks, vegetarian meals and iced desserts that make full use of local Taiwanese ingredients.

The island’s food choices are available in enough variety and excellence to surprise any tourist and satisfy any palate. And don’t forget the exciting night markets, filled with the cries of vendors and the enticing aromas of delicious snacks. For anyone who enjoys good food, this is definitely the “Time for Taiwan.”

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Where can you find the biggest collection of Chinese art and artifacts in the world? And where can you find rich expressions of local and foreign cultures, existing side by side in happy harmony? In Taiwan, that's where. Here we have the National Palace Museum, with its fabulous collections of Chinese and Asian artifacts; here we have the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute, which develops fascinating handicrafts using local materials; here we have the Buddha Memorial Center, which concentrates on religious artifacts; and here we have smaller museums and tourist attractions all over the island, each with its unique attraction. And more: the annual Mazu religious pilgrimage and lantern festival, indigenous harvest festivals, concerts, you name it. If you’re interested in Asian culture, now is your "Time for Taiwan!"

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Taiwan is a cyclist's paradise. There’s a lot of variation in Taiwan's terrain, with plains, hills, basins, plateaus and mountains, and, therefore, lots of challenging slopes for cyclists to enjoy. Taiwan's landscape also offers bikers divers and majestic views.

There are a lot of cycling trails in northern, central, southern and eastern Taiwan, and even on the outlying islands. There are also bikeways for cyclists to travel round the entire island. Cycling is lots of fun, and as there are millions of cyclists in Taiwan, the road is never lonely.

The well-known travel website "Lonely Planet" selected Taiwan as one of the world’s top 10 best tourist destinations for 2012, in part because Taiwan has a great environment for bicycle travel. Lonely Planet reported that Taiwan offers a network of thousands of kilometers of bikeways, a total length twice as long as the coastline of the island, to provide cyclists with a friendly cycling environment.

If you plan a short trip in the capital, it is recommended that you choose the Riverside Bikeway in Taipei city. The bikeway is smooth, versatile and very safe. The bikeway goes past the Danshui River, Keelung River, Jingmei Creek, and Xindian Creek all the way to the Guandu wetlands. Cyclists can challenge themselves to long-distance cycling or just enjoy a short trip.

Alternatively, cyclists can take on the challenge of the bikeway of the same name in New Taipei City. It is the longest bikeway in Taiwan at 180 km. Along the path, bikers can enjoy beautiful skies, the sea on the north coast and views of the city.

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Taiwan is full of romantic destinations. Whether it is nostalgic historical buildings, elegant museums, trendy contemporary architecture or beautiful mountain scenery and beaches, there will be something that appeals to the hidden romantic in everyone.

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