Frequently Asked Questions About the Augmented Reality Experience

Having problems with seeing the augmented reality for the December 2012 issue? We’re here to help

Ryan Reed

Q: How do I find the app I need to use?
Search for “actable” in the iTunes Store or Google Play app store and download this free app to use the augmented reality.

Q: Do I have to pay for the app?
No, the actable app is free.

Q: Is the actable app available on my device?
The actable app is available on all iPhones, iPads, Android-based phones, and most Android-based tablets. It is not available on Blackberry or Windows-based phones.

Q: The QR code in the magazine did not work for me. What should I do?
Go directly to your app store and search for actable.

Q: So I downloaded the app. Now what?
Open the app and hover it over the cover or any page on which you see the Actable logo. Hold it over the photograph as the experience loads and keep it there as you watch the images come alive.

Q: Can I use the app without sound?
You can watch all of the experiences, but they have an audio component that you will want to hear.

Q: I downloaded the app, but I can’t get it to work.
There are a few reasons the app may not work.

  • Connection Problems
    • For optimal scanning please be connected to a WiFi network whether at home or a business. Keep in mind some business WiFi may have firewall settings that willprevent you from accessing the content from our servers.
    • 3G and 4G LTE will work perfectly fine, but there may be a slightly longer wait time
  • Scanning
    • One of the major requirements for launching these interactive experiences is that your device must have a rear facing camera. If your device only has a front facing camera, sadly you will not be able to launch the experiences (Nexus 7 for example).
    • With the app open, there will always be 1 thin white bar moving vertically on your device.
    • This means the app is always scanning for trigger images. Once it recognizes the image, a text box will appear explaining this.
    • Once the app has recognized an image, 2 white bars go across the page when trying to launch an experience. If you do not see this, please try to move your device around a little (a little closer or further away).
    • Be sure you are in a well lit room with little glare on the page.
  • Phone Problems
    • Try turning off your phone and restarting it. There could be too much data stored in Cache & Cookies
    • Your device maybe running too many apps at once and not allowing our app to work properly
  • Apple – double tap the circle button. Hold down on those apps and press the minus button. This is NOT uninstalling the app but simply closing it
  • Android – Settings > Applications > Running
  • Please close any and all apps that you have downloaded (Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds, Weather Bug, etc.)
  • Other problems
    • Be sure to keep your device over the page when watching a slide show, video, or interacting with a model.
    • If you find yourself seeing the scan lines and nothing happens (the device was not moved away from the page), this is a network issue. Lower connections such as Extended, Edge, or 1x will not be sufficient to launch these experiences. If you are on a public or business WiFi, this would mean there are firewall settings that are preventing you from launching these experiences.

Q: Who should I contact if I am still having problems?
Should you continue to have problems, please email [email protected] and we will help resolve your problems. Please provide a detailed describe your issue, the device your using and version of operating system.

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