Zoo’s Orangs Getting Ready for Tonight’s Redskins Game Against the Steelers

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The Zoo's orangutans are going ape in anticipation of tonight's Redskins game. Kyle (top and bottom) and Lucy (below) got a goodie bag filled with cut backed potato fries at a special primates-only tailgate party. In a pre-game rally, their enclosure was strung with banners, but the apes tore them down and turned them into blankets. Straw-stuffed quarterbacks made for some swell bedding, once torn asunder. No word on if they think that the Skins will cover the spread or not.  (Photographs Courtesy of Jessie Cohen and Mehgan Murphy, National Zoo)

Lucy tackles the opponent, though Redskins fans hope that their QB, Jason Campbell, doesn't suffer the same fate as the red-clad quarterback above.

Kyle huddles with a team banner

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