Women of Science on the Smithsonian Channel

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Let's take a moment to think about notable women of the past decade or so. How many entertainers can you rattle off the top of your head? Sports stars? How about scientists?

I'm guessing you choked a little on that last one. Let's rectify the situation, shall we?

March is Women's History Month and the Smithsonian Channel is giving it up to the girls with Women of Science, a series of four films which will be broadcast throughout the month. The series kicks off tonight at 8:00 with A Woman Among Wolves, Batwomen of Panama and Footprints on the Water. (The fourth film, Flying With Condors, will first air on Thursday, March 5). Go to the Smithsonian Channel's website for a full schedule of these and other horizon-broadening programs. (I mean c'mon—what golden nugget of information were you able to casually toss off at your last cocktail party? You owe it to yourself to watch.)

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