Weekend Events: Teacher Appreciation Day at the Zoo, Early Color Photography


Head out to the National Zoo in honor of Teacher Appreciation Day! Detail of Class learning about the Sahara Desert, Washington, D.C. (1957) by the Scurlock Studio.

Friday, November 5:

Sorry kids, no special evening events happening at the Smithsonian tonight.

Saturday, November 6: Teacher Appreciation Day

After spending a week at school, teachers need a day of fun just like the kids they have to put up with, er, nurture for seven hours a day five days a week. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Day, the National Zoo has put together a special lineup of programs especially for educators, including animal demonstrations and exhibit programs that will hopefully inspire classroom activities. You will also have an opportunity to take a peek at the new exhibit Amazonian Science on a Sphere, view the documentary The Monarch Effect and much more. Go to this website for a full list of events. Teachers will also receive discounts for the day, such as a $10 flat rate for parking, a 15 percent discount in National Zoo stores and 30 percent discount at the Mane Restaurant. Free, but registration is required. Call 202-633-3059 or send an email for more information. And don't forget to bring your school ID! National Zoo, 10:00 AM-4:00 PM

Sunday, November 7: Experiments in 19th-Century Color Photography

Cameras are everywhere nowadays so it's easy to take for granted the technology we have at our fingertips. As far as photography has come along, it's not always easy to look back and figure out the processes shutterbug pioneers used to create their images. Case in point, the development of color photography. It wasn't always a matter of course, which makes some modern scholars wonder: how'd they do that? (Smithsonian contributor Robert Poole wrote "In Living Color," a piece on an early, obscure color photography process that employed potatoes.) In this scholarly symposium, come listen to a collective of international specialists and learn how color photography came about. Speakers will include: Michelle Delaney, curator, Photographic History Collection, National Museum of American History; Dr. Susan Stulik, senior scientist, The Getty Conservation Institute; Grant Romer,senior conservator, The International Museum of Photography, George Eastman House; Kelly Wright, adjunct professor and doctoral candidate, University of Cincinnati and Francois Brunet, professor of art history and literature, University of Paris. This event is part of Fotoweek DC.

And don't forget, Smithsonian magazine's 7th annual photo contest that is coming to a close on December 1, 2009. Time is running out to enter your photos! Free. American History Museum, 10:00 AM-5:00 PM.

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