Wednesday Roundup— Goldfish Gulping, Space Travel and Naming Rights

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And the Gold Medal Goes To— What's the craziest thing you've ever eaten on a dare? Well, how about 101 goldfish? That's the record for the largest number eaten in a single sitting, set back in April 1939, when goldfish gulping was a competitive collegiate sport. Check out the piscine cuisine over at O Say Can You See and see where your alma mater stood.

Dreaming in Outer Space — I'm sure we all thought we'd be flying cars by 2011 and possibly even living on another planet. Well, we may have to keep dreaming about that, but space travel for the common man may not be as far off as you think. Space Adventures, a Virginia-based company that organized the flights for the first "private space explorers," plans to begin offering seats on the Soyuz spacecraft to commercial customers as soon as 2013. Next stop, the International Space Station. The Daily Planet has more details.

What's in a Name? — There's an insightful conversation happening over on the National Museum of the American Indian blog. Dennis Zotigh, a researcher and historian who also acts as a liaison for the museum, fields a lot of questions in his role as a cultural ambassador. He shares his answer to a popular one— "What do we call you, American Indian or Native American?" and invites readers to chime in. Join the discussion.

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