VIDEO: Panda Update, Baby Still Cute

The National Zoo’s new baby panda is still pretty adorable, sources confirm

New mom Mei Xiang is still hidden away in a nest of bamboo with her cub, born late Sunday night. And they’re still doing adorable things. Courtesy the National Zoo

New video from the National Zoo’s panda cam gives America yet another chance to fawn over the newborn giant panda. Now just shy of a week old, the baby appears to be quite healthy, judging by the amount of vigorous and enthused squeaking going on. And Moma Mei is being as attentive as ever. The latest video from Thursday shows the mother taking the cub into her mouth before beginning to groom the baby. In what is becoming the tiny panda’s signature move, a flurry of kicks and movement is all that can be seen from the corner of Mei’s mouth. All of this is providing important information for Zoo officials, who are studying the mother’s behavior to learn more about the successful breeding and care of giant pandas, an endangered species.

Follow the exciting panda action for yourself with the Zoo’s panda cam.

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