UPDATE: Sloth Bear Cub Has a New Name

The National Zoo’s sloth bear cub is now called Hank

This little guy needs a name. Can you help? Photo by Mindy Babitz

UPDATE: The results are in. The Zoo’s new adorable sloth bear is now officially named Hank, a combination of his parents’ names—Hana and Francois. Voted most favorite on the Zoo’s Facebook page, winning 830 votes, the name Hank beat out the other two options Ravi (615 votes) and Bandar (219).

Born on December 19, 2012 and busy bonding with his mom ever since, the Zoo’s sloth bear cub is need of a name. The Zoo opened up its Facebook poll to fans May 1 to allow everyone to weigh in before noon on May 3. So, does the little cutie look like a Ravi, a Bandar or a Hank? You decide.

Because the cub was born in December just before the winter solstice, maybe Ravi, which means sun in the Hindi language, fits the furry creature. Or perhaps his adventurous spirit and mad climbing skills have earned him the name Bandar, the Hindi word for monkey. Or, in the tradition of Brangelina and Bennifer, perhaps a combo-name to honor his parents Hana and Francois is in order, hence, Hank.

We offer up these photos to help you make your selection.

What’s in a name, wonders this nameless cub. Photo by Barb Statas

What about Fluffy McFluffster? Photo by Mindy Babitz

If we name him after a monkey, will his mom get confused? Photo by Mindy Babitz

What’s your vote? Photo by Jen Zoon

He even eats cute. Photo by Jen Zoon

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