Stephen Colbert Declared A National Treasure

Last night marked a new chapter in the Stephen Colbert—Smithsonian saga. American History Museum director Brent Glass has had a change of heart. Stephen Colbert, he says, is a National Treasure.

It started back in January, when the Comedy Central satirist met with Glass and lobbied him to include a portrait of Colbert in the "Treasures of American History" exhibition, alongside Abraham Lincoln’s hat and Irving Berlin's piano.

Glass rejected the portrait, so Colbert trudged across town to the National Portrait Gallery. That museum accepted the painting and hung it next to the bathrooms where it remained until yesterday, April Fool’s Day.

It was a hit, and crowds streamed in and lined up to snap pictures with their cell phones. Last night on the Stephen Colbert show, Brent Glass phoned in his decision, announcing that Colbert's portrait will now be transferred to the American History Museum's exhibit at the Air and Space museum for the next two weeks.

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