Smithsonian Events Week of June 22-26: The Books and the Bees and a Frank Capra Movie

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Monday, June 22: Plight of the Bumblebees

It's National Pollinator Week and the Natural History Museum is kicking it off with a lecture on declining bumblebee populations. This is no small matter when you consider how bees are the lynchpin to the agricultural industry and help ensure the future propagation of plants. (The PBS program Nature did a most excellent piece on the worldwide bee blight back in 2007.) Free. Natural History Museum, 10:00 AM-12:30 PM

Tuesday, June 23: Webinar: Ceramics in Southeast Asia

Looking to broaden your knowledge base on Asian ceramics? The Freer is pleased to introduce a new online catalog that will allow users to peruse the museum's vast collections of ceramic work. Louise Cort, curator of ceramics at the museum, will discuss the new catalog and how it will serve the international community. This lecture is available both in person, but for those unable to attend, the seminar will be available online and web participants are encouraged to join in the discussion by submitting their questions online. If you would like to participate, RSVP to Lyz Bridgforth at [email protected] or 202.633.0521 by June 20, 2009. Please indicate if you will be participating online or joining us in person for the reception and discussion. For more information visit Free. Freer. Times vary depending on your geographic location. Please visit the Freer's website for more information.

Wednesday, June 24: Picturing Words: The Power of Book Illustration

What's the use of a book without pictures? Curator of Graphic Arts Helena Wright discusses how book illustration enhances our understanding of a text as well as how it is a part of our larger visual culture. This lecture is a companion piece to the exhibition Picturing Words. Free. American History Museum, 5:30-6:30 PM

Also: The Smithsonian Folklife Festival begins! Stay tuned this week for more previews and details!

Thursday, June 25: It Happened One Night movie screening

Don't get me started on the merits of this wonderful Frank Capra romantic comedy. Not only is it side splittingly funny, it gives you foolproof advice on how to successfully hail a cab. It Happened One Night features Claudette Colbert as a spoiled heiress who tries to wiggle out from under her father's oppressive thumb by hitching a bus to New York City. Along the way she meets a smart aleck reporter (Clark Gable) and although they initially buck heads, the two eventually start to warm up to each other. (How could she resist? I mean, c'mon, it's Clark Gable—he makes you love him.) This is the first film to earn the "Big Five" Academy Awards—Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress and Screenplay—which is a feat not repeated until 1975's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Free. American Art Museum, 6:30 PM

Friday, June 26: The Welsh Table Exhibition Tour

Curator Jill Piercy will take you on a tour of the new exhibit, The Welsh Table, and introduce you to the work of ten Welsh ceramists. Free. Ripley Center, 2:00 PM

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