Smithsonian Events for the Week of September 21-25: Thomas Jefferson, The Jungle Book, and an Artists’ Roundtable Talk

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Monday, September 21: A Conversation with Thomas Jefferson and His Slave, Betty Hemings

This theatrical performance imagines what it's like to look at Thomas Jefferson through the eyes of Betty Hemings—a slave owned by Jefferson's father-in-law, John Wayles, and mother of Sally Hemings. This show features Timmy Ray James as Jefferson and Jewell Robinson as Hemings. Free. National Portrait Gallery, 7:00 PM

Tuesday, September 22: Dig It! Activities

Experience the Natural History Museum’s Dig It! exhibition a la carte! As you tour the show, keep an eye out for volunteers who will be stationed by carts carrying fun activities. They will be available to answer your questions as well as engage you in special, educational activities to enhance your experience of the exhibit. Free. Natural History Museum, 11:00 AM-2:00 PM

Wednesday, September 23: Jungle Books performance by the CityDance Ensemble

Come on out to the National Zoo and enjoy CityDance's interpretation of Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book stories. Follow Mowgli and his menagerie of friends through several adventures that teach lessons of friendship and perseverance while raising awareness about endangered species. Free. National Zoo, 10:00 AM-12:00 PM. This event repeats at the same venue on Thursday, September 24 (6:00-8:00 PM) and Saturday, September 26 (10:00 AM-12:00 PM),

Thursday, September 24: Scholars and the Everywhere Library

To be the very model of a modern research library means making your collections of all subjects and titles available in formats both traditional and digital—but with the current trend of more and more researchers conducting their work electronically, new concerns arise when it comes to librarians making sure their patrons' needs are met. Come listen to this lecture by Dan Cohen where he addresses how libraries can best meet the needs of the next generation of scholars. Free. S. Dillon Ripley Center, 10:30 AM-12:00 PM

Friday, September 25: Staged Stories Artists’ Roundtable

Artists Christyl BogerMark NewportMary Van Cline, and SunKoo Yuh work in the traditional mediums of ceramics, fiber, and glass—but they take their art in very nontraditional directions. Their work, currently on display in the exhibit Staged Stories: Renwick Craft Invitational 2009 and will take part in a roundtable discussion moderated by exhibition curator Kate Bonansinga. Free. American Art Museum, 6:00 PM

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