Smithsonian Creates America’s Family Photo Album, Featuring You

Help create the ultimate album with your own memories and photographs from visiting the museums

When Mano D. snapped this photo of his kids with their aunt, nephew and nieces visiting from India, he participated in a time-honored tradition of family photos on the Mall.

At any given moment on the National Mall, 27 family photos are being taken, 13 bunny ears are being given and 8 eyes are going crossed. While those numbers might be made up, the sentiment surely isn’t. People just can’t help themselves when they at last wrangle their families into a day at the museums. Attention must be paid to such a feat. Equipped with digital cameras and iPhones, parents arrange children squinting into the sun and couples pose beneath their own outstretched arms.

Now the Smithsonian is asking you to help build a family album from all the many photos taken daily at and around the museums. Through September 2, visitors can upload their own shots to “America’s Family Album.” Selected photos will later become part of an exhibit about the visitor experience. Plus, for each photo submitted, Ford will donate $5 to the institution, up to $50,000. So, go ahead, say cheese!

Getting up close and personal, from Wanda W.

Amber M. in the glow of Zoo Lights.

Adina M. shares a shot of a satisfied visitor at the Hirshhorn Museum.

Perfect holiday card photo? We think so, Jennifer D.

In the glow of the new Ai Weiwei piece at the Hirshhorn, from Abby G.

A trip to the Insect Zoo, from Wanda W.

According to Adina M., Iron Man loves the Freer. Who knew?

Melissa H. found the perfect backdrop, at the American Art Museum.

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