Smithsonian Caption Writing Contest #6: Scoutosaurus

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Dinosaurs have invaded the caption contest!  So get all Jurassic on this photograph and provide us with your best humorous caption describing what might be going on in the situation.  Here’s a few examples to get things started:

  • "Scouts, keep a lookout while I snap off one of these plates as a souvenir."
  • The Scoutmaster had delivered on his promise of an 8-course meal to the Stegosaurus. They were finally even.
  • "Any more back talk out of you kids and you’ll wind up inside Mr. Stegosaurus!"

Just make sure to get your entry in before the contest goes extinct ends on October 12.  The winner will receive a virtual merit badge in captioning, along with a sense of satisfaction in knowing that his/her species is still in existence.

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