Smithsonian Caption Writing Contest #5: Glass Slipper Fitting Team

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UPDATE: Read which caption won! Comments have been closed on this post, but stay tuned next month for our next photo caption contest.

Any way you slice it, something a bit odd is going on in this image that we pulled from the Smithsonian Archives. Which, of course, means that it must be time for a Around the Mall caption writing contest! Readers, now’s your chance to impress us with your witty captions. And remember, we're look for laughs, so tell us what might be going on in the picture. Here's a few to get the ball rolling:

  • It was Dr. Jones with the hacksaw in the museum!
  • "Cutting my foot off? Do you expect me to talk?" "
  • "No Mr. Bond, we expect you to die!"
  • Bunion surgery​

Just make sure to enter by Wednesday, August 12. We’ll be revealing the winning caption (along with the true story behind the photograph) that afternoon. A prize? Whatever it is, we'll call it the Hacksaw Award. So get cracking!

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