Smithsonian Caption Writing Contest #4: A Tic-Tac on Stilts?

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UPDATED 06.13.09: Comments have now been closed. Stay tuned for an announcement of the winner of the caption contest.

It’s that time of the month again – time for the ATM caption-writing contest! You should know the deal by now, kids. We provide you a historical photograph ripe for the mocking from our deep, dark Smithsonian vaults, and you, our beloved readers, provide the witty captions to describe what might be going on in the picture. Easy as pie, right?

We’ll even give you a few to get the party started:

"It’s MY clubhouse and YOU can’t come in!"

"Well, if we can’t drill off the coast of Alaska, why not drill on the moon?"

"Now that I’ve finished papering your spaceship, Mr. Johnson, would you like to discuss your laminate flooring options?"

Think you can do better and make milk shoot out of our collective noses? Let’s hear from you! Just make sure you submit your entry by Friday, June 12. We’ll be revealing the winning caption (along with the true story behind the photograph) that afternoon. And what does the victorious effort receive? A hearty virtual handshake from the Smithsonian, of course!

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