PHOTOS: Tour Smithsonian Gardens’ Fall Flowers

The heat and torrents of rain have paid off with bright, beautiful blooms around the Mall

Striking reds take center stage in fall in the form of the Lycoris radiate or Hurricane Lilly. Photo by Eric Long, Courtesy the Smithsonian Gardens

During the height of summer, crossing the Mall can sometimes feel like crossing the Serengeti as a hunted animal, searching for any shaded place of refuge. But fall means more than a reprieve from humid heat at the Smithsonian; it means beautiful autumnal blooms bursting with color in the gardens. Stroll through the lush landscapes on your own or take advantage of a guided tour to learn more about the floral finds of fall.

Nature in all its forms, including the Aristolochia gigantean, abounds in the gardens. Photo by Eric Long, Courtesy the Smithsonian Gardens

Eye-catching color befitting a plant known as Joseph’s Coat, Amaranthus tricolor. Courtesy Smithsonian Gardens

Demure can never be overdone with the Heirloom Rose. Cultivar Unknown. Courtesy the Smithsonian Gardens

Start seeing purple, these plants, Callicarpa dichotoma, are appropriately known as beauty berries. Courtesy the Smithsonian Gardens


Tours are offered throughout the week until the end of September. Check the schedule here

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