PHOTOS: Stanley on the Move

The little car that could, the driverless vehicle made its way from the American History Museum to the Air and Space Museum Wednesday morning

After Stanley navigated through the desert in 2005 without a driver, the Mall was a piece of cake. Courtesy the Stanford Racing Team

The robot car that made history in 2005 when it successfully completed a 132-mile driverless navigation test has made another momentous journey. This time, the car traveled roughly seven city blocks to move from the American History Museum to the Air and Space museum in preparation for the spring 2013 exhibit, “Time and Navigation: The Untold Story of Getting From Here to There.”

We covered the move in a previous post, but now we’re bringing you the latest photos from Stanley’s trip on the back of a flat bed truck early Wednesday morning. And catch more of the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag: #GoStanley.

After leaving the American History’s loading dock, Stanley saw the sights:

From the American History Museum’s Statigram.

From the American History Museum’s Statigram.

And it wouldn’t be D.C. without a little gridlock:

From Kristi King, who wrote, “Even robot cars get stuck in traffic!”

Once at the Air and Space Museum, Stanley rides in below a drone:

From Isabel Lara, a shot of Stanley settling into his new (temporary) home.

Looking good, Stanley drew onlookers. From the Air and Space Museum

Easing in beneath the aircraft in the museum’s Milestones of Flight gallery, Stanley looks right at home.

The arrival of Stanley robotic car on loan from American History Museum installed into the new exhibit, Time and Navigation at NASM. Photo by Mark Avino.


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