Last Chance to Vote for Your Favorite Car During Race to the Museum Contest

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Forget planes and trains, give me automobiles!

It's not Super Tuesday, but you should still get out the vote during the Race to the Museum contest sponsored by the National Museum of American History. The museum has some amazing automobiles in its collection, but only 14 are on display; the rest are usually kept under lock and key. But now, for the very first time in the museum's history, they are asking the public to vote on which two cars should be exhibited for one month only, from January 22 through February 21.  And today is the last day to cast your vote.

You have eight choices to select from: Long stream tricycle (circa 1880), Balzer automobile (1984), Oldsmobile curved-dash runabout (1903), Miller race car (1929), Tucker sedan (1948), Glasspar sports car (1953), GM Sunraycer solar car (1987), and the EV1 electric car (1997). Read more about each car and then pick your favorite.

At last count (January 4), Miller was in the lead with 42 percent of the vote, followed by Tucker with 29 percent of the vote. Check out the rest of the survey results to see where your favorite car stands.

Remember, voting ends today! So choose your favorite and tell a friend. We'll see you at the finish line.

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