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Howard Chandler Christy
A 1920 poster by Howard Chandler Christy. Howard Chandler Christy / NASM, SI

Missions Accomplished
In 1912, the U.S. Marines established an aviation corps to provide air support for ground operations. Through January 6, 2013, celebrate the centennial at Air and Space with artifacts and artwork that tell the story of Marine aviators from World War I to the present.

Glazed Expression
During the Song dynasty (A.D. 960-1279), Chinese potters perfected a purity of color in glazes for bowls, vases and other vessels. View the Freer Gallery’s collection of rare ceramics, on display indefinitely.

Horse Nation
Native Americans were terrified at the sight of horses ridden by Spanish conquistadors. But by the late 1700s, most Western tribes were mounted. Learn more at the American Indian Museum through January 7, 2013.

Stories of Slavery
Thomas Jefferson called slavery an “abominable crime,” yet was a lifelong slaveholder. Delve deeper into this paradox at American History, on view through October 14.

X-Ray Vision
Through August 5, get an inside look at Natural History’s renowned collection of fish specimens. With the latest technology, scientists created X-ray images that blend biology with art.

Longquan ware vase, 14th century. Freer Gallery of Art, SI
A 1920 poster by Howard Chandler Christy. Howard Chandler Christy / NASM, SI
Crow War Pony, by Kennard Real Bird, 2009 Brady Willette / NMAI, SI
Personal belongings of Monticello slave families. NMAAHC, SI
A viper moray eel. Sandra J. Raredon / NMNH, SI

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