Great American Puzzle Update: Solving a Sticky Question

A subscriber wondered if the mailing label that is printed on the mailed copies of Smithsonian magazine would interfere with his solving the Great American Puzzle

Greetings, Great American History Puzzlers.  I just put the finishing touches on the contest’s final puzzles this morning, so we are now ready to go here at contest HQ.  If you haven’t been carefully perusing your copy of the new Smithsonian and deducing the first password, it’s probably time to get (code-) cracking.

While we’re on that subject: The next step in the puzzle, after deciphering the code, requires skipping through the magazine a bit, and one subscriber wondered if the mailing label stuck to his mailed copy would interfere with his solving.  Nope!  It doesn’t matter if your copy of the October issue is from a newsstand, or a mail subscription, or even digital.  The puzzle works the same in any case.

Just four more days until the next stage in your quest begins!  I don’t know about you but I’m getting excited already.

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