Events: The Art of Human Origins, Meet Hans Op de Beeck, Celebrate Women’s History Month and More

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Monday, March 14: Recreating Our Past: The Art of Human Origins

With only fossil records to go by, how do artists go about envisioning what our human ancestors looked like? In this Resident Associate Program event, paleoartists John Gurche and Karen Carr discuss the techniques and science behind their two- and three-dimensional hominid landscapes and likenesses that populate the Hall of Human Origins. Natural History Museum's curator Rick Potts joins them to unveil the new recreation of Sahelanthropus, a 7 million-year-old hominid. Tickets are required. Rates are: $25 general admission; $12 for members; $12 for full-time students with valid IDs and docents for the Hall of Human Origins (must call 202-633-3030 to receive this rate). Tickets may be purchased online or at the Resident Associate Program box office which is located in the Ripley Center on the National Mall. Natural History Museum, 6:45-8:15 PM.

Tuesday, March 15: Community Development and the Arts: Future Possibilities for the East of the River Communities

Panelists from local community organizations and citywide arts activists discuss ideas to expand Anacostia's creative horizons—from an arts district in old Anacostia to a creation of an arts avenue in Southeast. The panel discussion will be followed by an audience dialogue session. This forum is part of the "Call and Response: Community and Creativity Project," which is documenting creative expression in Wards 7 and 8 in Washington, D.C. Free. Anacostia Museum, 7:00 PM.

Wednesday, March 16: Meet the Artist: Hans Op de Beeck

Belgian artist Hans Op de Beeck explores our problematic relationships with time, space and each other through a variety of artistic media, including sculpture, painting, drawing, installation, photography, video, animated film and short stories. Today, he discusses his recent work, including his video Staging Silence (2009) which is on view in the related exhibition. Free. Hirshhorn, 7:00-8:00 PM.

Thursday, March 17: Women in Art Docent Tours

March is Women's History Month and in celebration the Smithsonian American Art Museum is offering a special series of Women in Art docent-led tours. Free. American Art Museum, 5:00 PM. This event repeats every Thursday in March at 5:00 PM and on Friday, March 25 at 5:30 PM.

Friday, March 18: Subramaniampuram

This low-budget film was hailed for its careful reconstruction of the 1980s: long-haired men, bellbottoms and sounds of our recent past. Stripped of the nostalgia associated with costume drama, the film offers an unvarnished look at the friendship of five men living in the neighborhood of Subramaniapuram in Madurai. These unemployed lads squander long days on liquor and dodging the law. But instead of celebrating such youthful indiscretions, the film dissects how stagnant days infect the bonds between men. Political ambitions, murder and romance mobilize a downward slide into betrayals and shifting alliances, further heightened by wanton murder and stabbings. The film will be presented in Tamil with English subtitles. Free. Freer, 7:00 PM.

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