Events: Puppets, Astronauts, the Vietnamese-American Experience, Christo and More

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Sorry kids, nothing special is happening today. But be sure to check out this site for the long list of events and activities always happening at the Smithsonian.

Tuesday, May 11: Tigers, Dragons, and Other Wise ‘Tails"

This Smithsonian original puppet play provides wacky and modern spins on classic animal tales from Korea, Vietnam and Japan. This event is ideal for persons ages 4-10. Tickets are required. Rates are: $6 general admission; $5 children; $4 for Resident Associate Program Members and $4 for children of Resident Associate Program Members. Children under 2 are free, but please include them in your ticket order. You may purchase tickets online or in person at the Resident Associate Program box office. Discovery Theater, 10:15 AM. This event repeats today at 11:30 AM.

Wednesday, May 12: To the German People: Wrapped Reichstag

Come celebrate the life and work of artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude, who are perhaps best known for their large-scale installations where they draped fabric over anything and everything from buildings to islands. This evening, ambassador of the Federal Republic of German to the United States Klaus Scharioth will introduce the film "To the German People: Wrapped Reichstag 1971-1995." After the screening, stick around for a discussion with artist Christo and filmmaker Wolkfram Hissen. Free. American Art Museum, 6:00 PM

Thursday, May 13: Astronaut Presentation: Jeff Williams

Get the low-down of what it's like to hang out in outer space from International Space Station Expedition 22 Commander Jeff Williams. Listen to him talk about his 6-month mission aboard the International Space Station, see high-def video from his mission and stay awhile for a question and answer session. Free. Air and Space Museum, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM. This event repeats today at 1:00 PM.

Friday, May 14: Exit Saigon, Enter Little Saigon: The Vietnamese American Diaspora

Come listen to a discussion about the Vietnamese American experience among panelists Andrew Lam, editor at New America Media, Lan Cao, professor of law at William and Mary, and Nguyen Dinh Thang, executive director of Boat People SOS and an advocate of human rights and social justice for the Vietnamese American community. The discussion will be moderated by Lawrence-Minh Bui Davis of the University of Maryland's Asian American Studies Program. Free. American Indian Museum, 6;30-8:00 PM.

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