Events June 27-July 1: Trivia Night, Book Signing, the Butterfly Garden and an American Indian Museum Film

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Monday June 27 – Questions Answered

People are all different. But have you ever wondered why? Today, scientific understanding of human variation is challenging “racial” differences, even questioning the very concept of race. A new exhibit, “Race: Are We So Different?”, recently opened at the Natural History Museum. Find it on the northeast side of the 2nd floor of the museum. Today, volunteers will be in the exhibit engaging visitors, answering questions and encouraging thoughtful conversation about the science, history and culture behind the question of why people are different, as well as helping visitors explore the exhibit. Volunteers will be available throughout the day until closing, so feel free to swing by anytime.

Tuesday June 28 Trivia Hollywood Style

Get your game face on and make your Tuesday night memorable with a trip to the Kogod Courtyard located in the building that houses both the National Portrait Gallery and the Smithsonian American Art Museum at 8th and F Streets. Starting at 6:30, play the Portrait Gallery’s trivia game, with questions drawn from the Gallery’s new multi-media collection and focusing on the history of Hollywood. The event is free, but the questions are hard, so kids might not enjoy it. Snacks and beverages are available for purchase from the Courtyard Cafe.

Wednesday June 29 Book Signing and Author Discussion

Take a trip beyond the Mall this Wednesday with a visit to the Anacostia Community Museum, located at 1901 Fort Place, SE. Meet in the Program Room at 10:30 to hear from Dianne Dale, author of The Village That Shaped Us, as she tells the story of Washington, D.C.’s historic black community, Hillsdale, which was settled in 1867 by the Freedmen’s Bureau. Located within sight of the U.S. Capitol, the small neighborhood became a cornerstone of the city. Through illustrations, pictures and letters, Dale presents the story of this remarkable community. Join the author afterwards for a book signing. The event is free.

Thursday June 30 Delve Into Nature

Enjoy the outdoors this Thursday by visiting the Natural History Museum’s Butterfly Habitat Garden. Meet at the garden entrance on the east side of the museum on Madison Drive and 9th Street at 2, for a free tour. Look for the garden’s lead horticulturalist, usually dressed in green, to discuss some of the plants that attract, feed and nurture butterflies. Afterwards, see how many different butterflies you can find as you do some exploration on your own. Here’s a helpful hint: butterflies are most attracted to pink, purple and lavender, so wear one of these colors if you really want to attract the beautiful insects. This event is held every Thursday, weather permitting.

The 2011 Smithsonian Folklife Festival begins today! Check back with Around the Mall for daily events listings and interviews with festival presenters.

Friday July 1 Break Out of Your Routine

Escape the heat this Friday with a trip to the American Indian Museum. Go the Lelawi Theater on the 4th level of the museum to view the free film. Who Are We? is a unique 13-minute experience that transports viewers to the Arctic, the Northwest Coast and the plateaus of Bolivia. Watch as the film reveals the diversity of modern Native life. The orientation film is shown daily between 10:15 and 4:45.

For a complete listing of Smithsonian events and exhibits go to the GoSmithsonian Visitors Guide.

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