Dear FoxTrot: A Curator Responds to Jason Fox’s Dinosaur Designs

After receiving suggestions for the new dinosaur hall in a Sunday comic, Matthew Carrano of the Natural History Museum responds


In Sunday’s installment of everybody’s favorite comic strip, FoxTrot by Bill Amend, young Jason Fox–that 10-year-old who, “loves math, computers, annoying his sister”–offered up a few suggestions for the new dinosaur hall exhibit under renovation now at the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum. Among his suggestions were a tourist-munching dino (the Tourist Chompsognathus), a mega hybridized species featuring all the most terrifying parts of the dinosaur collection (the Voltronodon) and a D.C.-appropriate Multi-Term Senataur.

We asked curator Matthew Carrano to respond to Jason’s suggestions. Here’s what he had to say:

FoxTrot Reply

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