Dancing, Catwalking and Crafting: Photos From Folklife

The first weekend was full of colors and cultures from around the globe


Flying high at one of the Folklife Festival’s many stages. Photo by Flickr user gnewcomb2001

Hungarian dancing, hair braiding and banjo picking–yep, it’s Folklife Festival time. With the first weekend done, we know everyone is just resting up for part two, which begins July 3. In a given day during the festival you can expect to find interactive programs, workshops and catwalks that span the globe. Check out photos from the first weekend while you prep for the next.

You can never have too many bobby pins, as Flickr user Karon Flage points out.

Hats of every color adorn the tent walls. Photo by Flickr user vpickering

Dennis “Denny Moe” Mitchell, a barber from Harlem, shows off his skills on a willing participant as part of the “Will to Adorn” exhibition of the festival. Photo by Flickr user Elvert Barnes

Hungarian folk art adds color. Photo by Flickr user vpickering

The outfits are beautiful, but the smiles are even better. Photo by Flickr user buttercup_lp

Folklife fans can be a rough crowd. Photo by Flickr user grobinette

A budding Garifuna drummer? Photo by Flickr user EricChristensen

On the catwalk at “Will to Adorn.” Photo by Flickr user gnewcomb2001

All dressed up and ready to go. Photo by Flickr user patti_heck

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