Caption-Writing Contest! Win a Collector’s Edition of Smithsonian’s Lincoln Magazine

And the winner is…

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UPDATE: A winner has been announced; the caption contest is closed, but thanks for entering!

Maybe we're getting a little punch drunk on Lincoln around here. But here in the magazine offices, after completing work on our Special Lincoln issue, which is on news stands now, we've been celebrating Lincoln's Birthday ever since we starting planning the issue last January.

So by now we've parsed every phrase the man ever said and read every biography on the guy. But when we saw this picture recently, even though it is a 20-year-old photo—we just knew this called for a CAPTION-WRITING CONTEST!

So on the occasion of Lincoln's actual birthday celebration tomorrow, we want our readers poised and at the ready to rain upon us some hilarity.

We'll pick a winner early next week and send that clever wordsmith, whomever he or she may be, a genuine copy (nothing digital, it will come in the mail) of our special Lincoln issue.

Just to get you going. Here's a few we came up with:

"Four score and seven years ago, I could do this on my own."

The cause for which he gave his last full measure of patience.

With malice toward none, . . .except for this guy, who won't let me be.

"Four score and behind the ears please."

"Do you know where that's been?"

"I'm all ears."

Waxing nostalgic?

"Four score and seven ears ago"

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