Can You Find This Dog in the Smithsonian Museums?

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Don't get me wrong, I got sucked into the Where's Waldo cult of personality like every other kid in the early 90s—but it's become a tad passé, yes? Well, the Smithsonian is offering it's new take on scavenger hunting with Where's Smithy—a new internet-based game from Smithsonian Education where you try to figure out where Smithy, Smithsonian's celebrity border collie is hiding in the museums. If you can get your photo taken in the same spots as Smithy, you can upload your snapshots to the website and enter to win a prize. Check out the official website for more details. And if you would like to read more about DC's canine who's-who, read about Laddie Boy, former President Warren G. Harding's airedale who was a pop culture sensation in his day.

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