Behind the Scenes with American History’s Entertainment Curator

Dwight Blocker Bowers is responsible for preserving the museum’s most eclectic collection

You've seen the movie, now see the memorabilia. As the National Museum of American History's entertainment curator, Dwight Blocker Bowers is responsible for preserving the museum's most eclectic collection. From Dorothy's ruby slippers to Oscar the Grouch, Bowers takes great care to collect objects that evoke both an emotional response with visitors and tell the story of America's entertainment past.

In the audio slideshow above, Bowers explains the cultural significance of some of the objects not currently on display but in the museum's collection. Costumes from "Rocky," "Tootsie," "Indiana Jones," "Superman," "Goldmember" and "Glory", to name a few; as well as a life mask of James Dean and an early "Wizard of Oz" production script are featured. In our Night at the Museum 2: Battle at the Smithsonian package, we have more from Bowers and also list some other museums that have fascinating cinematic artifacts.

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