Baby Fishing Cats Up the Zoo’s Cute Factor

More from the Zoo’s baby boom, three-month-old kittens frolic on display

Visitors can now enjoy the antics of the Zoo’s three-month old fishing cat kittens. (Photo by Janice Sveda. National Zoo)

Get ready for more adorable babies on display at the National Zoo. Born May 18, the fishing cat kittens are now a rambunctious three months old and on view for the first time. Visitors to the Asia Trail can find the youngsters fishing and climbing as they explore their new surroundings with mother, Electra. On view from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the kittens are most active in the morning, according to the Zoo. In the meantime, enjoy our up-close photo shoot from the Zoo’s Flickr page.

(Photo by John McRay. National Zoo)
(Photo by Brian Cannon. National Zoo)
(Photo by Clyde Nishimura. National Zoo)
(Photo by Courtney Janney. National Zoo)
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