Wander Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley With Street View

The Diagon Alley set from Harry Potter has been added to Google Street View

Hidden behind a magical brick wall at the back of a pub, Diagon Alley was the commercial and financial of the English wizard’s world in J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. The district housed the shops where Harry bought his wand, his robes and his other school supplies, as well as the Goblin-managed bank, Gringotts, where British wizards kept their gold. Diagon Alley was a major recurring location through the Harry Potter books, and when the novels were adapted to film the set for Diagon Alley was built in Hertfordshire on the Warner Bros. lot. Now, thanks to Google’s Street View, you can wander the cobblestone streets of Diagon Alley.

This isn’t the first set to be given the street view treatment. Back in 2010, Google sent a car to tour the set of long-running soap opera Coronation Street. And, though many movies and shows are filmed on sets on the lot, many are filmed on location. By trawling through records on the Internet Movie Database, Edmund Helmer, says Switched, built a custom-labeled Google map showing the shooting locations for thousands of movies.

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