In Wales, Traveling by Dragon Is Now an Option, According to Google Maps

You can also commute by carriage or Loch Ness monster, depending on your location in the U.K.

Photo: Scratchy22

Welsh residents and visitors, according to Google Maps, now have the option of traveling by dragon, Neatorama reports. Dragons make a swift 20 minute journey between Snowdon, Wales' highest mountain, and Brecon Beacons, a mountain range and national park. 

Google Maps has sprinkled in a few other U.K.-based Easter eggs, too. As the Next Web reports, nautical travel by Loch Ness monster is an option for those seeking to commute between Fort Augustus and Urquhart Castle in Scotland, and transportation via royal carriage is offered between Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. This horse-drawn option takes about the same amount of time as traveling by car or rail—although Google Maps is notoriously optimistic in its travel estimates. 

Finally, Next Web adds, Google Maps offers directions for one whimisical mode of travel that's actually available to the common man: travel by punt around the campuses of Oxford and Cambridge Universities

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