How to Pose Like a 1980s Model

A collection of clips from real videos proves to be silly — and not just due to the fashion of the 1980s

Modeling Montage

For the aspiring model, this compilation of how-to videos cultivated by the Found Footage Fest on Youtube is a fortuitous find — as long as the model aspires to work in the 1980s, that is. 

Michael Zhang for Petapixel calls the three-minute-long pastiche "strange and strangely-awesome." He also points out the appearances of some celebrities including Denise Richards, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Tom Bosley. 

Highlights include the over-enunciation of the vowels "A, E, I, O and U" for different sexy facial expression needs and an agent looking for a model that looks like a chicken.

For the more serious would-be model, here are some other videos that offer contemporary tips on the best angle for model photo shoots and how to become a model. But really, the 1980s collection is more fun. Somehow, footage from decades ago just has more charm.

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