This Stunning, Six-and-a-Half Hour Video of the Night Sky Will Transport You to the Desert

The time-lapse, the hyperlapse, the Earth-from-space montage—they fast-forward nature’s splendor. Gorgeous time-lapse videos transport us down the Colorado River in just a few minutes, or show us how the world has changed over decades. Blazing through the serene pace of the natural world, a time-lapse’s storytelling powers and ability to impress are without question.

But the video Field Notes: The Stars and Their Courses takes a more Zen approach, providing an absolutely spectacular long view of the desert night. Shot from the Great Basin National Park, this nearly six-and-a-half hour video documents the infinitely calming evolution of the Nevada night. The video was filmed at 4K resolution, far surpassing the resolution of high-definition video.

To see the stars in all their splendor, click the little gear on the YouTube video and select “original”–assuming you have a monitor or TV or phone capable of displaying more than 1080 resolution.

h/t Joe Hanson

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