This New, Weird Beer Has Moon Dust in It

We hear it goes great with cheese


There are a lot of weird beers in the world: weird flavors (avocado, bacon, curry), weird associations (Hello Kitty, Santa Claus), and weird brewing strategies, using everything from elephant dung to the bacteria in the brewmaster’s beard.

That insatiable drive to make weird drinks for beer snobs has pushed the Dogfish Head craft brewery to take the logical next step—looking off-planet for ingredients. For their latest small batch production, says Gizmodo, Dogfish Head is brewing their beer with lunar dust. The so-called “Celest-jewel-ale” uses remnants of lunar meteorites, pieces of the Moon that were blasted off and survived their fall to Earth. The Moon rocks are crushed to dust and tossed in the batch, says Dogfish Head, where they’re “steeped like tea.”

For hops-loving nerds, space beer surely has a special appeal. But, given that maybe as much as 300 tons of space dust falls to Earth every year, getting a taste of space may not be nearly as otherworldly as it sounds.

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