There’s an Invader in the International Space Station

An Invader mosaic has found its way to space

Space Invaders

The words “street art” and “International Space Station” don’t exactly seem to go together. One evokes images of DIY, countercultural expression, the other carefully planned, government-sanctioned engineering. Now, the arrival of Samantha Cristoforetti at the ISS has brought the two a bit closer together.

Gizmodo reports that the ISS now features a mosaic from anonymous French street artist Invader. But the creator of Space Invaders-themed mosaics wasn’t content to be seen in cities all over the world. In 2012, he used a weather balloon to launch a mosaic into the stratosphere. And last year, he managed to convince a friend at the European Space Agency to put a mosaic on ATV-5.

The artist notes that the mosaic “waited several months in zero gravity” for Cristoforetti, who found a permanent spot for it when she reached the ISS in November. It was a dream come true for Invader, who called the piece “Art, Science, space conquest: a great move!”

You can spot the mosaic above the hatch in a recent tweet:

Invader’s mosaic is part of a long tradition of art in space, from a fallen astronaut sculpture on the moon to a Damien Hirst dot painting that ended up on Mars. But it’s not the first time Space Invaders have been spotted in the heavens—in 2013, Hubble spotted an alien-like cluster of galaxies that looks suspiciously similar to the computer game’s evil invaders.

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