See the Greatest Architecture in 36 Different European Cities in This One, Gorgeous Time-Lapse

Dozens of pieces of premiere European architecture are showcased in this three-and-a-half minute video

In a three short months, videographer Luke Shepard “journeyed with a friend through 36 cities in 21 countries with the ambition of capturing some of the greatest European structures in a new and unique way.” He shot nighttime time-lapse crawls, “comprised of thousands of carefully taken photographs, strung together and stabilized in post-production,” that show off the builds’ curves and intricate details. The Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the Palace of Westminster, the Guggenheim in Spain and the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul might cross a vast range of styles of and periods, but the thing tying them all together is that all of these buildings is stunningly beautiful.

The video, says Shepard, is meant as “a celebration of the brilliance and diversity of architecture found across Europe.”

h/t PetaPixel

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