See the Swoops of Seagulls’ Flight Patterns

Special video effects shows more than an hours worth of seagull flight as curling paths

Seagulls are a common sight, even far from the sea. Their raucous fights over discarded human food can make us forget that they have beautiful moments, too. Videographer Paul Parker reminds us of this by filming seagulls flying outside his window in Cornwall, U.K. 

He compressed an hour's worth of flight patterns into to a few moments using the "echo" feature in After Effects, writes Flowing Data.

Parker has also given us two hours of lightening in just over a minute and slow motion waves during the spring tide. It soon becomes apparent why he calls himself an "After Effects artist." 

The seagull video really highlights the birds’ curling and curving flight paths. The same effect has been used to illustrate planes’ landing patterns and the repetitive nature and tenacity of athletic training (both via Flowing Data). All are mesmerizing. 

Of course, this isn’t the first time the a seagull’s flight has been tapped for inspiration.

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