See a Fire-Breathing Dragon Bridge in Vietnam

A bridge in Da Nang breathes fire and water every weekend

Cầu Rồng phun lửa và phịt nước và đổi mầu HD

Visitors to the city of Da Nang can see a fire breathing dragon. But it isn’t some mythical creature. This dragon is part of a 2,185-foot bridge, and its weekend pyrotechnic displays have become a tourist attraction

The bridge spans the Hàn River, and since it opened on March 29, 2013,  it has eased traffic going across the other bridge in Da Nang, the Hàn River Bridge.

"Before the bridge opened, the other side (of the river) was very poor. The government has supported the people with these developments," cafe owner Ngyuen Nan Dong told CNN.

But the main attraction of the Dragon bridge is certainly the fire and water that spouts out of the dragon’s elaborate head twice a week. 

No one's allowed to drive across the bridge while the show is going on. The six-lane bridge shuts down every weekend just before the 9:00 pm show on Saturday and Sunday. The bridge is also illuminated by LED lights, which provide a pretty spectacle even when the dragon isn’t breathing fire.  

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