This is a Robot Taking a Leisurely, Terrifying Walk in the Woods

Mechanical humanoid robots have never been so relaxed

Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot Tested Outside

Sometimes a robot craves nothing more than a quiet walk in the woods. Okay, so the stomping, lumbering gait of the robot you can see above isn’t exactly graceful, but as Fox reports via Discover News, it’s something better: groundbreaking. 

The humanoid robot is known as Atlas, and it’s being called an “agile anthropomorphic robot” by Boston Dynamics (better known as the robotic arm of Google). Atlas was designed to master unsteady, complicated terrain, so what better place to test out its skills than the forest? 

Discover News notes that though the robot is being powered by a tether during its verdant stroll, future versions of the bot will be free of cords. As LiveScience’s Adrianne Jeffries reported earlier this year, the redesigned robot is hoped to eventually be able to save human lives during natural disasters. Maybe the stress of Atlas’ upcoming duties made a nature walk that much more inviting. 

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