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Ridley Scott Reused Footage From The Shining at the End of Blade Runner

From sets to props to entire sequences, Hollywood is actually really good at recycling

You’ve probably seen The Shining and Blade Runner, two classic movies that, on the surface, don’t have much in common. What you probably didn’t notice is that they actually do have one shared feature—shots of the same exact mountains, taken at the exact same time.

When Ridley Scott was tweaking the ending of his classic sci-fi dystopia, he borrowed outtake footage from Stanley Kubrick. This video explains exactly how he slipped scenes that didn’t make the beginning of The Shining into the end of Blade Runner.

This habit of reusing clips isn’t uncommon. Michael Bay slipped a chase scene from his 2005 film The Island into his 2011 movie Transformers 3, for examples. This time, people noticed right away.

In fact, according to this video from Reelz, Hollywood does this all the time, with everything from sets to props to entire sequences. Hollywood is surprisingly good at recycling.

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