How to Actually Remember What You Read: Print a Newspaper of Internet Articles

Now instead of just saving online articles to read later, you can create your own newspaper


A new service, (currently in beta in the U.K.) offers to take articles from the web and print them out in a neat, personalized newspaper. The service, called PaperLater, purports to allow people to “enjoy reading all the great writing the web has to offer in a calmer, less distracting format.”

The newspaper costs £4.99 ($8.41) and includes postage. It works something like other read-later services, like Pocket or InstaPaper. When you find an article you like, you click a button in your browser that saves it. Then, when you have all the articles you want, you hit print. Within 3 to 5 days a newspaper will show up in the mail, with all your stories printed on newsprint. 

The new service is a project of the five-year-old Newspaper Club, which offers newspaper publishing services. 

Why would anyone pay extra to read words they already have access to digitally? Well, for one, reading in print might actually help readers remember what they've read.

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