Play Through the History of Video Games (Frogger! Asteroids! Q-bert!) All on One Site

From Frogger to Asteroids to Turtles!, play through the early days of video gaming

Q-bert game
Playing Q-bert on the Atari 2600 through the Internet Archive’s Console Living Room.

Forty years ago, home video games were far from the massive cultural force they are today. So for anyone interested in understanding how the gaming industry grew—or for nostalgic gamers whose Atari 2600s or Magnavox Odysseys have long since kicked it—the Internet Archive's new Console Living Room is a gold mine. It contains hundreds of these early titles and features web browser-based emulators designed to let you jump right in.

You can kick back with classics like Panzer AttackAsteroidsCentipedeFrogger or Q-bert ,or branch out with one of the more excitable games of the era, like Turtles!UFO!Tunderball! or Football! Their graphics may not be quite up to snuff, but in terms of sheer fun and playability, many of these earliest of console games can easily stand up to the Candy Crush Sagas and Angry Birds and other lighter fare of today.

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