NASA’s Art Contest Reveals How Kids See the Future

NASA’s Langley Research Center asked students from Virginia to participate in an art contest

NASA Art 1
Rachel Pike,11th Grade- 1st Place NASA Langley

NASA’s Langley Research Center asked kids from the Hampton Rhodes area of Virginia to create art in keeping with the theme “The Future is Now.” The results are wonderful.

From Gizmodo:

Much like the drawings and written predictions of American kids from earlier generations, there is a healthy mix of both optimism and pessimism. Optimism, it would seem, that we will one day conquer the stars in a way that our grandparents had only dreamed. Pessimism, in a way that can only be communicated with a handful of arctic animals surrounded by melting ice and an oppressive sun rising behind them.

Like all kids artwork, the masterpieces ranged from funny to beautiful to profound, with a dash of what-exactly-is-that-supposed-to-be thrown in for good measure. Here are some of our favorites, but you can see them all on NASA Langley’s Flickr page

Zachary Ching, 4th Grade
Logan McConnell, 5th Grade- 1st Place
Lauren Young, 5th Grade
Desirae Sievers, 6th Grade- 1st Place

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