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NASA Is Turning Black Friday Into “Black Hole Friday”

Because, in the end, even great savings won’t save you from a singularity

You can't spend your way out of this one, America (ANDRZEJ WOJCICKI/Science Photo Library/Corbis)

Black Friday, the shoppingest day of the year, is increasingly synonymous with two things: great deals and the hilarious/disturbing lengths to which people will go to get them. But NASA is trying to give Black Friday a much-needed makeover, and on Twitter the agency has rechristened the day #BlackHoleFriday.

For the rest of the day, America's space agency is going to be sharing fun facts about everyone's favorite galactic trash compactors.

Check out, for instance, this simulation of two black holes merging. It's even more amazing than Black Friday deals!

Black holes, says the Independent, are formed “when matter is pressed into a tiny space”—like a crush of shoppers at a door buster sale. The result here, however, is not tragic tramplings but a singularity of incredibly density: 

This is the second year for NASA's #BlackHoleFriday shenanigans. One last reason to prefer this version of Friday-after-Thanksgiving—while the labor movement has protested the treatment of workers on Black Friday, we don't see physicists and astronomers lining the streets outside the world's telescopes and computer modeling centers to protest #BlackHoleFriday.

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