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Indonesian Volcano Spews a Four-Mile High Column of Ash

Until August 2010, Mount Sinabung had been inactive for centuries


Around 14,000 people in Indonesia living with a two-mile radius of Mount Sinabung in Sumatra have been forced to evacuate, after the volcano rumbled into life after three years of inaction, LiveScience reports. Starting in September, the volcano began belching with a series of small eruptions, releasing lava, ash and pyroclastic clouds, according to the Jakarta Post report. This week, the situation became more serious, as Sinabung let loose a 7 km-high (4.3 mile) column of ash into the sky. 

Until August 2010, Mount Sinabung had been inactive for centuries, says ABC. With these latest developments, however, experts fear that dormant giant may be returning to life with renewed intensity.  

Here, you can see the eruption in action, along with some seemingly amused bystanders: 

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