This Hospital Door Handle Doubles As a Hand Sanitizer

This way, infections don’t spread as easily—and no one has to remember to Purel their hands

Photo: Pullclean

According to a new study by the Centers for Disease Control, one in 25 patients who visit a hospital acquire an infection there, the Washington Post reports. Hospital workers, including doctors and nurses, often skip washing their hands every time they take a coffee break, touch a patient, use a germy computer or handle other equipment. Forgetfulness, not purposeful neglect, is the problem; it's tough to remain vigilant about stopping to sanitize hands during a busy day 

Now, a company called Altitude Medical is offering a potential solution—a special set of door handles called the PullClean. As Wired explains, "It’s a simple column that can be fitted on any pull door, with a blue paddle on bottom that dispenses a dab of hand sanitizer when pushed." The creators wanted to find a way to seamlessly incorporate hand sanitizing into medical workers' existing habits, without adding any extra movements. 

As Wired reports, a prototype trial conducted at a U.S. hospital increased hand sanitization rates from 24 to 77 percent. The PullClean also allows admistrators to track when and where they are used, Wired writes.  

The first models will go on sale this year for $200. Here, you can learn more about the problem of hospital-acquired infections, and the PullClean as a potenital solution: 

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