Here’s What Happens When a Hawk And a Drone Fight

This raptor was not ok with a quadcopter fronting on its turf

Hawk Attacks Drone!

A quadcopter drone in Cambridge, Mass., captured a bird's eye view—so to speak—of a hawk attack, the Verge reports. Operator Christopher Schmidt had apparently inadvertently infringed on the air space of the large raptor, which was having none of it.

As the video shows, the hawk clearly won this round. But it's hard to say whether or not that victory was entirely fair. As Schmidt relayed to the Verge, "upon realizing what was about to happen, he quickly throttled down the Phantom FC40 quadcopter's props to keep them from injuring the bird (or worse)." 

The Verge points out that this is not the first time a drone has annoyed or enticed local avian wildlife. In the last year, there's been run-ins with a group of what look like magpies, a raven, geese and a hungry eagle. While the videos are pretty funny, it's unclear if any of the birds were harmed. 

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