Here’s How Astronauts Will Eat Thanksgiving Dinner in Space

Yum yum yum, irradiated smoked turkey and thermostabilized yams


Mike Hopkins and Rich Mastracchio are two Americans who definitely won’t be home for Thanksgiving. Cruising high above the Earth aboard the International Space Station, though, doesn’t mean they’ll be without the comfort food of the holidays. In a message sent down the other day, Mastracchio and Hopkins show off some of the delectable treats they’ve got lined up for their Thanksgiving feast.

Station Crew Sends Thanksgiving Message, Shows Off Selection of Food

Crammed in bags and dried for storage, the astronauts’ meal will certainly lack the welcoming aroma of walking into a house that has an oven stuffed with turkey. But, says NASA , many of the staples are there:

Their menu will include traditional holiday favorites with a space-food flair, such as irradiated smoked turkey, thermostabilized yams and freeze-dried green beans. The crew’s meal also will feature NASA’s cornbread dressing, home-style potatoes, cranberries, cherry-blueberry cobbler and the best view from any Thanksgiving table.

For Space.comMiriam Kramer interviewed NASA food scientist Vickie Kloeris about the astronauts’ holiday meal, but also about how much astronaut food has improved since the freeze-dried ice cream of yesteryear.

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