It’s the 75th Anniversary of Batman’s Creation

What’s the source of Batman’s lasting appeal?

Adam West as Batman, c. 1966 John Springer Collection/CORBIS

The May 1939 issue of Detective Comics introduced to the world to a new superhero: Batman. With 75 years of fighting crime under his utility belt, Bruce Wayne's alter ego has had one of the longest runs of any superhero.

Writing for The Hollywood Reporter, writer and director Kevin Smith suggests the secret to Batman's lasting appeal is his relatability:

[O]n paper Batman comes across as kinda dull. He pulls on a mask and a cape and fights street-level bad guys. He has no superpowers. He has cool tech like Iron Man, but he likes to rely on his brains and brawn more than anything else. In a world of super-heroes, he's pretty uncinematically normal. When you take away the Batmobile and the Batcave, Batman is just a guy fighting mad men in makeup. He's not invulnerable: He's a human being.

And therein lies the appeal of the Batman: He is one of us.

Though Batman first appeared in the May 1939 issue, the official date of publication was March 30. But no need to confine your celebrations to any one month or day: DC Comics is planning a year's worth of festivities, says Fast Company.


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